Friday, June 12, 2009


sory there is no any recipe for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow coz i'm busy help my friend's brother wedding...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

way to earn more money

We as a student must have money right???

We use the money for buy book, eat, pay fees,to buy needed things and many more right???

Same like me...

I was placed far away from home..

I rent a house..So i need money to pay the rent..

In addition, i have to use car to go to my campus..So i need more and more money to buy petrol..

I know many of you that still study or working don't have enough money right????

Of coz you don't want just hang with your parents right???

I give you all an idea...

Why not u just join me...

With your creativity and only rm 40 you can get more..

Why don't you try...

For more information you can go to this website..

Nothing wrong if you try...

This business is open to all people..


mushroom soup..

today i make a mushroom soup..

button mushroom
whipping cream
chicken stock

1.saute garlic with butter.
2.then add mushroom
3.add chicken stock and whipping cream..
4.stir until it combine well..
5.adjust..cook until it become thick
6.serve hot

Monday, June 8, 2009

making a cake..

i want to share what have i cooked today

chocolate sponge cake..

soft flour 400g
castor sugar 500g
melted butter 250g
cocoa powder 100g
water 200ml
baking powder 2tsp
ovalette 50 gm

1.Mix all ingredient except melted butter and (water+cocoa powder) using mixer..
2.Mix until it combine well and fluffy..
3.Then put (water+cocoa powder)
4.Mix again until it combine well
5.Then,using wooden spoon mix the melted butter..
6.Lastly, pour the mixture into the desire mould and bake at 180 C for about 30 minute

the decoration i will tell ASAP..

life in becoming a chef

it is the way to become a good chef

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