Wednesday, October 27, 2010


feel like crazy waiting for coordinator to approve my practical..
i'm waiting so long
everyday access coordinator's page, still no news about where am i going to be place for practical...

Monday, October 25, 2010


thank god
finish 1 paper,..
3 more to go plus muet

i have a story..
td in the exam room
my fren make an annoying sound...
he is just beside me
thank god there is only a sound doesn't have smell

erm can't wait 4 tomorrow..
want to have lunch with Nadihah at Seoul Garden
kat Autocity..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

very disappointed :(

hello everyone..
erm i think this is the place for me to share what i feel..
actually i'm very disappointed with certain of my uncle, aunt,cousin.

i don't know why..
they are my family but most likely they like to talk about my physical..
is it very unacceptable to be fat???
who are they to shamed me???
do they no who create me??
do they know that every single thing that Allah create there is a subject or hikmah

sometimes i feel like want to tell them that
even though i'm a very fat person in the world
do they die or have problem with that???
as i know i never create problem to them..

they just know how to perli..berlakon bg nasihat konon..
pliz la, take care of ur self is enough..
i don't give burden to them

there is one time that i feel like want to drive like a crazy man and die
more easier
no more sakit ati
no more perli2

i don't want to be murtad..
kill myself is a sin and definitely i'm going to hell.

so, what can i do now??
i will continue keep quite to what people say to me
coz if they make me sakit hati
jatuhlah dosa pada meraka...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

just lepak kat umah

erm today just stay at home
access internet with my bro

later going to cook for lunch
i will cook my specialty ayam goreng tepong and ikan masak sambal..

feel like want to study..
but too many evil around here that make me very lazy..

tonight my daddy will come home hahahaha
miss him a lot
this is my daddy
although he is become older and older but he still handsome
status : single (hahaha) but not available


erm i dun know why???
kadang2 i feel that my sister doesn't love me anymore..
she always shout at me..
be rude to me..
never say politely to except if she want me to buy things to her..
19 october 2010 - i'm home and hope to have a happy family..
but suddenly when my sis came home from school and i greet her well...
but surprising she just like tak berapa nak layan..
but soon after i told her that i will give her mp3 for her birthday, she get closed to me, but it doesn't last long, she continue again to be rude...

oh god i don't know how to handle this problem...


waiting for my mum to come home..
miss her a lot...

erm this evening i've notice that miss anida says to ms sairah that DCA student can go practical at restaurant and other place besides going practical at hotel...
i'm very conscious about that!!!
is it true????

now i'm just hanging around with my little sister watching wipeout..hahahaha

i'm hoMe...

after a few week i've been in i got back to hometown and get active back to update my blog, hahahaha. the first person that see me when i'm back is my lovely dad. poorly my mum is not around coz she haven't back from vietnam. tonight i will fetch her at klia.

erm i'm very lazy right now..hahahaha all my things still in the car, so tired to get it brother was not around. if he is here i can bully him to pick up all my things hahahaha. erm what else i want to say??? i think thats all. kalo ade cter lain, i will story2..

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