Wednesday, October 20, 2010

very disappointed :(

hello everyone..
erm i think this is the place for me to share what i feel..
actually i'm very disappointed with certain of my uncle, aunt,cousin.

i don't know why..
they are my family but most likely they like to talk about my physical..
is it very unacceptable to be fat???
who are they to shamed me???
do they no who create me??
do they know that every single thing that Allah create there is a subject or hikmah

sometimes i feel like want to tell them that
even though i'm a very fat person in the world
do they die or have problem with that???
as i know i never create problem to them..

they just know how to perli..berlakon bg nasihat konon..
pliz la, take care of ur self is enough..
i don't give burden to them

there is one time that i feel like want to drive like a crazy man and die
more easier
no more sakit ati
no more perli2

i don't want to be murtad..
kill myself is a sin and definitely i'm going to hell.

so, what can i do now??
i will continue keep quite to what people say to me
coz if they make me sakit hati
jatuhlah dosa pada meraka...


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